Celebrate Love

I’m beginning to love the aesthetics of small weddings and intimate ceremonies. There’s something extra special about seeing a small group come together to celebrate love, and I’m so excited to share this next couple with you!

I had the pleasure of photographing Mr. and Mrs. Ceschini for their special day in Cromwell Park. You can see the beautiful bride in a white pantsuit while the groom dawned a grey suit. The couple spent their day surrounded by loved ones as they exchanged vows, and in a gazebo on a beautiful afternoon two became one. As I look through my albums from the last few months I can see the progression into elopement and small weddings. They aren’t for everyone, but there is a special feeling when you watch a day play out the exact way a bride envisions. 

Have you ever thought about an elopement? The smaller ceremonies keeps everyone involved and when the couple chooses to have their special day like this they are choosing to focus on each other and create an environment that they feel the most confident and comfortable. 

In the album I’m sharing you’ll be able to see the classic white lilies that were chosen in the bouquet, the elegant diamond ring and the joy they shared together. 

In Washington the days bring regular cloud cover and I was grateful for the picturesque day we had. Cromwell Park in located in Shoreline, Washington. After the ceremony we took pictures to capture the day, and I hope that you see the excitement for what’s to come and the love these two shared. 

I would love to capture these intimate moments that will last a lifetime so that when you’re ready you can share it with the world.

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